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Table Charm’s catalogue proudly hosts close to 600 products which are manufactured in world class facilities to ensure only the best quality reaches our customers. Our dinnerware catalogue showcases some of the most exquisite dinnerware items, perfect for fancy dining or everyday casual dining. Choose between a variety of classic coffee mugs, plastic storage, cookware, glassware and other kitchen accessories to keep your kitchen looking stylish.

The STYLE brand brings glamour and panache to your own style. Offering a range of fine fragrances, cosmetics and fashion accessories, STYLE is for those who want to look and feel their best. Zonke Healing offers a revolutionary range of healing skin, hair and lifestyle products for the family. These specially designed products are made from natural ingredients with healing properties, safe and effective for the entire family.

"I had no sales experience, but I was in desperate need of earning more money. Within 4 months of joining, I was able to buy groceries and pay all of our bills. All my dreams came true, thanks to Table Charm. You have really changed my life!"

Matilda Kadhikwa,